About Us

We provide solution to transform your workplace into the factory of the future to enhance productivity, resoruce optimization, cost efficiency and increase in business KPI's.

Our Mission

Dynattral Tech In our journey, we offer fireman's lift to our customers by fetching, storing, analysing and acting upon their real-time data to create a business environment where employees enjoy stress-free and joyful work environment where clients are highly satisfied through quality and on-time delivery and shareholders get a one-way ticket for profitability.




  • Suitable for Micro & Small scale companies
  • Individual module is available for subscription based activation
  • Integration of different modules applicable
  • Customized check points, authentications, pre-defined auto functions can be included
  • Easy to monitor daily production activity and billing options (Cloud based storage available based on requirement)
  • Suitable for Medium & Large scale companies
  • Stand-alone application is available to monitor various parameters
  • End-to-End solution to track multi departmental functions
  • Integration of Manufacturing and Administration location will be provided based on cloud communication
  • Instant notifications and escalations will be provided based on hierarchical approach

Key Features:

  • Real Time OEE Monitoring
  • Quality Inspection and Analysis
  • Machine Analytics (Run Time, Idle Time & Breakdown Time)
  • Real Time Production data
  • Employee Login Activity
  • Machine Breakdown
  • Maintenance Auto-check
  • Real Time Part & Job process activities

Key Features:

  • Foundry Monitoring Solution
  • Foundry Quality Control Analysis
  • Real time ONG supply chain control and analysis
  • Assembly Flash light sorting systems
  • Real Time smart warehouse applications
  • Long Range process industries connectivity
  • Other Cyber Physical Systems approach

Dyna Connect - Cyber Physical System Framework

  • Long Range Wi-Fi Lora Communication
  • Low Bluetooth Energy Hardware
  • Wireless Communication from Server to Client
  • HMI and Andon Board for Monitoring Control
  • Customized Server Setup with System
  • Centralized and De-centralized communication approach


We provide cutting edge IoT technology with various cross platforms for short range and long-range applications. Based on client’s custom-made requirements, our product built in different dimensions to fulfil the bottleneck issues.

Data analysis

Digital twin learning

Sorting assistance

Assembly assistance

Employee De-skilling

Wireless monitoring and control



  • Long range Wi-Fi LORA communication process and foundry industries
  • Low Bluetooth Energy technology for Material Handling Equipment’s
  • WiFi enabled device for short and medium range machine analytics and assembly-based applications
  • Custom made retrospect built for conventional machines which involved in process
  • HMI & Andon boards for an interaction and real time monitoring and control
  • Customized dashboard features for client requirement
  • Various correlations of reports for different applications
  • Modules based control which requires for different hierarchy persons in organization
  • Wireless on room control for long range industries
  • Connected handheld devices for field engineers and supervisors for real time update on process
  • Administration login control multi dashboard controls let professionals to analyse the different scenarios
  • Periodical notifications to people for maintenance, breakdowns and emergency alerts

Our Clients

Sakthi Auto Components Limited
Nirmal Pumps (CRI Group)
Barani Ferrocast Foundry
Technix Automation



Pranesh Muruganandham

Co- Founder and CBDO
MS in Global Innovation Management

Puviyarasan Maduraipandiyan

Founder & CEO
MS in Control Systems

Amrish Kulasekaran

Software Lead
MSc. Computer Science
(Future Networked Systems - specialization)